Sunday, 18 December 2011

Granville Island Brewing English Bay Pale Ale

A great Saturday afternoon begins with a crisp -8 temp outside and time to enjoy a few day beers with friends. Nothing beats gathering around a heater in your garage sipping on some tasty brews and opening up your friends to new bevs from our Northern Nation. Luring people away from their the usual Coors Light or Molson Canadian is a newly acquired talent.

This weekends choice of flavor, Granville Island Brewing's English Bay Pale Ale. Slight dark hints of color, similar to a Amber brew with a lot of flavor. High malt caramel notes with a bold pale ale taste. A low carbonation allows for a very smooth taste.

Not being very familiar with Granville's brew, I was very pleased with the overall taste. They also have a Winter Brew that I am sure is quite good. Hope all is well in the beer world, stay tuned for more great reviews.